About Amour-Nails

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Hello amazing customer,

Welcome to Amour-Nails website.

I will start by telling you nails, hand and foot care has been an interest of mine from a little girl. The idea of being able to ensure my nails look the part for every outfit is a bonus.

I have admired the way in which beginners to professionals take their time to not only make the face and body look good, but to see the finish of the nails both hand and feet makes a person truly ready for an occasion.

After seeing the amount of effort people put into jobs and general living, it is time for you to sit back and enjoy manicures and pedicures at your leisure.


Why nail, hand & foot care?

I remember going into department stores when I was a teenager and looking at all the colours and different shades of nail varnish. I also remember the craze about manicures and pedicures started to boom.

It was all about the french manicures. Nail salons became more regular to see and the designs seemed real good.

I am fascinated at how the Nail Technician paid intricate attention to define a complete polished finish on each finger nail and toe nail. Not to mention the time needed to make sure peoples hands and feet are cared for, after all they are the two most used body parts that can miss out on daily routines.


Our goal

The good thing about the world today is everything is available. Whether it be a click of a button or a phone call away. EVERYTHING is available.

I want to help all those finger nail and toe nail lovers (hand & foot care lovers) find what they are looking for in one place. Find the pattern, find the shades, find the equipment.

All at Amour-Nails.