All about your nails, hands and feet

Welcome to our nails, hands and feet article.

Amour-Nails are giving you basic instructions about how you can care for your nails, hands and feet. We have placed a few pointers that you can use on a day you chose to pamper yourself, if not they can become part of your daily routine.


The hand


Nail Care

When you think of nail care to some this a big deal, others on the other hand may not be so interested, either way nobody likes, poorly kept, dry brittle nails. Think about your nails on a daily basis, if they are emerged in water consistently, this can make them very weak and easy to break. Using chemicals this can cause your nails to become very dry- which then potentially strips the natural nutrients they produce.

The treatment for your nails should be just as important as your skin, body and hair. No one likes chipped, snagged or too long nails. No matter what you do in your day, your nails will need to be cared for. Take a look at our basic nails instructions – see if you are doing the right things on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Basic instructions for nail care

  1. Wash your hands and foot with warm water thoroughly, this is to get rid of bacteria in the nails and also prevention of any bacteria build up from any dirt that may have gotten into your nails.
  2. Purchase a nail brush – although a toothbrush is just as good! You will need this to brush under your nails to get rid of all excess dirt. Do not be too rough around the cuticle in fact be very gentle not to irritate the skin as this will cause an effect on the nails.
  3. Dry your hands and foot on a soft towel, this would be the best time to give your nails a good trim and shape. Try not to make your nails grow too long, they grow more healthy when you trim them on a regular basis. When using a file ensure to file in one direction gently so you do not cause fraying or breakage.
  4. Your body has natural oils therefore your hands and foot will have natural moisture, but once you have completed the basic instructions above using moisturizer on your hands and foot will allow both body parts to feel hydrated and rejuvenated.
  5. Not only will you be concerned for your hands and foot, do not forget the cuticles, use cuticle oil to help strengthen your nails.

Always ensure you take time out for your nails.

Hand care

Your hands can tell a lot about you, this is why you need to make sure they are always moisturized, soft and healthy. It is important to use the right products on your hands, as you would not want them to become dry, cracked or rough. Every person likes to complete day to day running, but too much water, heavy lifting and sunlight can damage your hands. Take a look at our basic hand care instructions, see if you can add any extras to your hand care routine.

Basic instructions for hand care:

  1. Your hands are very active during the day and they come across many germs. It is important to regularly wash your hands in lukewarm water; using either natural organic products or a moisturized product. Antibacterial products are good but it dries out your skin by absorbing the natural oils.
  2. Always keep your nails germs free – especially around the cuticles. This is prevention of infections and skin infections. Use the instructions above on Nail Care.
  3. Give your hand a deep cleanse. You can purchase (as a suggestion!) – products where you literally pamper your hands. A small home kit for exfoliating your hands is a good way to remove any rough or dry skin.
  4. Use wash gloves to protect your hands from chemicals, apply ointment on to any cracked skin and apply sun cream in extremely hot weather and moisturizer in extremely cold weather.


The feetFoot care

Feet, feet, feet!

They can be the most overlooked body part, only because we are typically always using them. The feet do daily task like walking, climbing, jogging and more, this can be very strenuous for you. Therefore, your feet will need pampering too. In fact, take care of your feet, so give them a pampering session whether at home or professionally. Take a look at our foot care basic instructions, see if you can apply foot pampering to your daily routine for 7 days, then 14 days, then a month and if you really push yourself for the rest of your life!

Basic instructions for hand care:

  1. Wash your foot in warm water and ensure to wash everywhere including between your toes and the back of your toes. Rub gently to get rid of any dirt and sweat, remember to use a gentle nail brush to remove any dirt in the toenails.
  2. Moisturize your foot – try not to place too much cream between the toes as this are get very sweaty and can cause fungus to grow especially in extremely hot weathers.
  3. Wear shoes that fit, give enough room to walk around, when and where possible use flip-flops so your foot can breathe.
  4. Clean socks can be worn especially in fitness training, make use of wellington boots, clean shoes are the best shoes so try using odor powder or foot powder to prevent build up of fungus or bad smells.
  5. When going to the swimming facilities or other public places, protect your foot especially when using the showers at gyms and swimming facilities by using flip-flops this is to prevent any cross contamination from other users. Keep your toe nails short!


Always remember about your nails, hands and feet – They need pampering and looking after. These three areas of your body are at constant work and can be overlooked, damaged and easy to become dry and cracked.

Moisturizer must be applied correctly and all three areas need to be kept clean; take time out to care for your nails, hands and feet today!