Hand Care

Your hands

Think about your hands what comes to your mind?….

Now think about hand care what comes to mind?….

Chances are you looked at your hands!

You now start to think about your nails, cuticles, the palm of your hands, the moisture of your hands. I bet you never thought about your hands like this before. Interesting right!

Your Hands

I asked my sister to look at her hands and I said what is the first thing that comes to mind…. She said LINES! That was the best laughable moment for me. I said “Really!, Lines! I was expecting strong woman, going places”.

My sister┬ásaid LINES…. It is amazing what people see and what comes to mind.

Your hands are always at work, whether you are writing with a pen or at the gym, your hands are in constant use. Many people ensure their hands are at their best, mainly because that is the first point of physical contact. For example, shaking or greeting people with a hand shake.

As a recommendation giving your hands a treatment at least twice a week will help maintain the smoothness and get rid of any build up of hard skin.